Fall 2020 Newsletter

The 2020 Fall Quarter at JT Mauro has been one filled with new challenges and new opportunities.  The early impact of COVID-19 on our customers construction budgets has now been realized in the field with limited work activity in these recent weeks.  But, rest assured that although COVID-19 did limit our clients need for additional work in the Spring Quarter, our Summer and Fall bid calendars have been seeing a significant uptick in the number of construction projects out for bid. 


Most recently bid, the URMC Ambulatory Orthopedic Clinic (AOC) may prove to be one of the largest Mechanical Construction projects to be built in this area.  The magnitude of that bid required contribution from outside our Estimating Department to succeed and, as expected, JT Mauro came together and through the help of Austin Carlson, Steve Merrill, Dave Dorsey, Kevin Gottermeier and our latest addition to the team – Paul Kelsch, we assembled one of the largest bids in company history.  Many thanks to all those that contributed and put whatever time was necessary to successfully complete the bid.  Results should be coming in about 4-6 weeks.  Fingers crossed!

As mentioned earlier, we have a new member of the team – Paul Kelsch.  Paul joined our estimating department in Mid-October and not a moment too soon.  He comes to us with a long successful career in the construction industry, much of which was in the Mechanical field.  Paul came to us right in the middle of the URMC AOC bid and immediately jumped in with both feet.  He has been a quick study in how JT Mauro does business and played a key role in getting that bid together.  We are glad to have him!


Although the Bid Calendar was a bit slow in the first quarter, we have had the distinct advantage of already securing many sizeable projects which are getting ready to start very soon.  The Highland Hospital Bed Tower Expansion, headed by Steve Merrill and Mark Gottermeier is getting ready to move full steam ahead with some enabling work already taking place as the Hospital begins it’s vertical expansion.  Mark and Steve’s knowledge of the existing systems out there have been key in giving the owner confidence in JT Mauro and in successful performance of the work in the occupied areas.


Construction of the RGH Bed Tower Expansion is now winding down as much of the project is now in the Turnover Stage.  We are still active in setting Plumbing Fixtures and other closeout activities.  As that project ends, the A-Wing Renovation project begins.  Awarded this summer, the A-Wing Renovation project includes [3] Large Custom Air Handling Units, 70+ VAVs, over 500 Medical Gas Outlets and over 200 Plumbing Fixtures.  Leading that project for us are our RGH resident experts – Rob Ingalsbe and Mike Owen.  Mike has been working daily at RGH for nearly 8 years with Rob not far behind at 3 years.  Their extensive knowledge of the mechanical systems at the Hospital played a key part in the owner’s confidence in our team and both will be paramount in making that job a success.


Tom Giunta and Mike Boillat have been busy with projects at FF Thompson and Geneva General Hospital.  The new Pharmacy at Geneva General is planned for turnover this January.  That project makes our third Pharmacy project in the past two years – all of them with DGA Construction.  Tom ran our first job at FF Thompson starting in February 2019 with Mike Boillat joining him midway.  Both of them have played a huge part in getting us more work in that facility.  And both have been instrumental in making adjustments to the Hospital’s existing Plumbing systems to make them more efficient.  We were just awarded our third project there with hopefully more to come!


Our Service Department recently completed two significant design build projects at Fairport Baptist Home which included a complete overhaul of their Domestic Hot Water System and replacement of their chillers with two new 200 Ton Carrier Air Cooled Chillers. Ron Howard and Jamie Augustine worked together to put these projects together for Fairport Baptist Home. The domestic water project was completed over the summer with great success as lead by Jamie. The chiller project was also a successful project lead by Ron & Jamie. Great work by the Team and the customer is extremely satisfied!